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Nimittekam means to be an instrument of divine Karma.

To reach out to our fellow human beings who have been forsaken by mankind to live a life of shame and hardship for no fault of their is a step in the direction of that Karma. But when we do it out of egolessness and as a Karma Yogi at the feet of Sri Krishna, it becomes divine Karma.

This is an attempt to ease the pain of our forgotten Hindu and Sikh brothers across the borders of this subcontinent who are living lives of extreme hardships and humiliation just for being Hindus and Sikhs.

In accordance with the plan of government of India to grant refuge to these persecuted human beings, we seek out to ease their extrication from clutches of slavery to freedom in the land of their ancestors.

We also reach out to our Dalit Sahodaras (brothers) and ensure their mingling into the mainstream of the nation.

Free medical care to needy citizens is another pious goal we have set out for ourselves. There is a team of doctors with us who provide free medical services to those who cannot afford it.

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Personal Funds

To provide education to a Pakistani Hindu refugee child

Help educate a Pakistani Hindu child and gift them a future

Creative Events

To provide food and shelter to Pakistani Hindu refugee families

Improve living conditions of Pakistani Hindu families, who are affected by poverty and homelessness


To contribute to education of tribals and dalit children

You can offer your support by educating children of Tribal & Dalit families