Nimittekam is a registered society primarily working for the well-being of refugees and economically weaker sections in India.

  • Extricated more than 12,000 people belonging to persecuted religious minorities from India’s neighbouring countries, since our inception in 2016.
  • Arranged for Long Term Visas for each and every such individual.
  • Lobbied and laid the ground work for the passing of the CAA, through concrete insights backed by official data.
  • Launched 7 employment and basic skill development programs especially empowering the girls and women of the financially backward sections of the population, in Jaipur. This has resulted in more than 300 people becoming economically productive and self-reliant.
  • Sponsoring the basic supplies and education of 120 children without parents under the care of the Human Life Foundation.

Nimittekam means to be an instrument of divine Karma by providing everyone with a chance at respect and honour.

  • Attempting to ease the pain of our forgotten Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and other minorities across the borders in the subcontinent who are living lives of extreme hardships and humiliation just for following their ancestral religion.
  • Arranging for Long-Term Visas and getting Citizenship for such persecuted peoples.
  • Providing them aid in setting up camp in India and starting a new life of honour and freedom.
  • Lobbying nationally and internationally for the rights of these forsaken people.
  • Reaching out to our Dalit Sahodaras (brothers) and ensuring their integration into the mainstream of the nation.
  • Launching and sustaining various skill development and employment programs.
  • Providing support to orphanages in the form of financial help and medical care.

Our aim is to ensure a life of dignity and prosperity for all and make the world a more equitable place to live.

  • To provide relief to the persecuted minorities in the Indian Subcontinent.
  • To ensure their integration into different Indian communities, free of prejudice and bias.
  • To make productive citizens of the economically weaker sections of the Indian Society.
  • To support the revival of holistic Indic cultural values to overcome the divisions and sub-divisions in India.

We want to bring certain issues that have never seen the limelight to the forefront, and stress on the urgency of the situation surrounding some groups’ suffering.