“To reclaim the lost glory of Dharma by reaching out to lesser fortunate citizens of the country.”

— Nimittekam

We Are On Mission


To integrate Dalit Sahodaras ( Brothers ) with mainstream Society .

To provide medical care to every needy citizen of the country.


Running orphanages for forsaken children of our society on the lines of Gurukuls.

To rehabilitate, educate, and empower displaced Pakistani Hindu and Sikh community into Bhaarat.

How We Help, Several Ways

To provide education to a Pakistani Hindu refugee child

Help educate a Pakistani Hindu child and gift them a future

To provide food and shelter to Pakistani Hindu refugee families

Improve living conditions of Pakistani Hindu families, who are affected by poverty and homelessness

To contribute to education of tribals and dalit children

You can offer your support by educating children of Tribal & Dalit families